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Get To Master All The Fundamentals To Building A Successful Business

The Right Mindset

The Right Niche

The Right Market

The Right Products

The Right Aim

The Right Actions

The Right People

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Psychology & Habits of Great Leaders

Your Business growth depends massively on your capacity to interact, lead and motivate your people. Learn how to do so.

  • The essence of Leadership

  • Leadership, the 80-20 rule

  • Motivation and Coaching in Leadership

  • Great attributes of Leadership

  • Get important work done more efficiently 

  • Confusion between Leadership and Management

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A Blue Print To Step In Your True Power And Become Invisible In The Face of Adversity.

In the face of daily life challenges, we seem to forget who we are truly and what role we are meant to play in our world. And that can affect our perception in our business and in our relationships. here is a keynote blueprint with formulas to share with you how you can discover your gift amid life challenges and difficulties.

What is Potential

How can one discover their true potential?

How can one unleash their potential in the face of adversities

What are the enemies of Potential

How can one discover their gift and turn it into a profitable business

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A Step by Step Process To Get Your Voice Heard On A Global Stage.

If you believe you have a voice and you've always wanted to spread it across the world through TEDx platform, here is a roadmap for you to achieve such in no time. Even if you have never thought of it, now you can..

Learn how to build your credibility.

Learn how to build relationships and network

Learn how to build and position your brand with authority

Learn how to craft a story in a powerful way

What to say during the interview process to qualify for a TEDx talk.

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This is Where You Grow, This is Where You Make It With The Guidance of Some of The Most Successful People On The Face of The Earth.

Any successful individual would tell you that coaching, guidance and mentorship can go a really long way when you want to achieve something really meaningful with your life. This why IGNITE THE TRANSFORMATION TV'S purpose is to interview great people and find out :

How did they make it? What is their story?

What is the secret of success behind their business?

What are their convictions of life?

Why do they do what they do?

What would be the most expensive yet most memorable advise they could part way with for the most basic individual?

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The Things To Know Before Becoming A Coach.

Every business has a cheat code, so does the coaching business. It is unfortunate that those who start with little means end up only discovering the secrets of their profession after many years of trials and failures. In this book, I offer my 5 years of experiences which is are the sum of mistakes and successes we respectively ought not to make and to make in order to bring our coaching aspirations to life.

The mistakes you need to avoid when building your coaching business.

How to look at coaching as a tool to serve the people and as a business.

How to overcome daily challenges in the coaching space.

Build your business from scratch.

The foundations of coaching and marketing services.

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How To Become And Remain An Unforgettable Orator.

The world belongs to Great Orators". He who is able to communicate his ideas clearly, concisely and effectively can find his way out of any situation but most importantly can leave people inspired consequently building his following.. In this book, you'll learn

The Pillars of communication 

How to convey a message in a way that is memorable

The technics to communicate on stage

How to modulate the tone of your voice according to your message.

The impact one can make with public speaking

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How To Create Content That Generates Plenty of Leads and Sales.

In this digital era, content is king, being able to create content that attracts and sells. Learn how

To find hot content topics. 

Create structured content that is captivating

How to turn that content into an audio, video format

How to monetize your content 

Learn how to use content for CTA(s) that order subtly to buy.

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The 10 Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Building Your Coaching Business.

Get ahead in the game by knowing the do(s) and don't (s). For example :

Mistake 1 : Ignoring the fundamentals

Mistake 2 : The myth of client attraction

Mistake 3 : Be like a "flower" in your business

Mistake 4 : Pro bono work

Mistake 5 : Be afraid to sell.... and Much more

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The Art of Self-Coaching, Instant Transformation..

How to make your decisions and actions bring your aspirations to life so you may truly live your purpose free of fear, doubts and low self-esteem.

The essence of Self-coaching

The correlation between our impulse triggers, our aspirations, the decisions we make and the action we take or not.

Significance of Encoded assumptions

How to live a life Free of Fear, Self-doubt and Low Self-esteem.

Become what people call "Super Human Being" and go after your dreams with a relentless desire to being them to Life.

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