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Score aTEDx Talk Hands In Your Pocket Starting Today Even If You've Applied In Vain!

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Whether you're an expert or aspiring speaker, these step by step processes of ours are going to land you on a TEDx Stage. Fosho!

One Time Fee of $49

How would you like me team to apply for you, while you're sipping on your coffee, the exact strategies I used to land be nominated for more than 5 TEDx talks even if you have never spoken on a big stage.

We all know that it's not an easy journey to get selected for a TEDx talk, many people have applied so many times that they have even given up.

Work with us and you no longer have to do it alone, we work with you with the winning recipe so you can achieve your dream that is BEING on TEDx Stage.

Here is what is going to happen when you take action on working with us :

You will learn how to find your unique message and make it resonate with your audience

You will learn how to craft a speech that everyone talks about for a really long time

Learn all the technicalities and mind techniques behind delivering an impactful speech

Learn how to build your brand a speaker and get speaking gigs

Learn How to find your most suitable TEDx event and actually pass all the tests required for you to get on stage

Learn what to do after you've been on TEDx so your speaking career can blossom.

Here is a breakdown of the 4 weeks speaking coaching program

Week 1 , Craft a draft that sets you apart : What is your message, what makes it different from any other talk that had been hosted on the TEDx platform. 

Week 2 , Pick Your Battle : in this week. we'll learn about the things to look out for when searching and selecting a TEDx talk in order to have more than 90% of success even before starting the application process.

Week 3 , Get ready for the interview : Here you will learn about how to prepare for your first and second interview., the do's and don'ts in an TEDx interview. Mindset as well as the verbiage in how to pitch yourself along with your speech.

Week 4 , Prepare Your Speech: Prepare your full Tedx speech with a certain amount of words and a certain amount of training. I'll teach you how to craft and deliver a powerful speech that everyone can remember. 

When you join the How To Rise on TEDx Stage live group coaching, you’ll receive:

  • A 60 min audio course about the 7 steps to build your coaching/speaking business : Learn the most crucial fundamentals to building your coaching/speaking business. ( Niche, ideal client, targeting, marketing etc...)

    [ $1499 Value]

  • A 90 min course + entire e-book + audio book about the psychology and habits of Great Leaders : Great entrepreneurs know they can not succeed alone so they get the right team around themselves. mustering how to effectively lead the team in order to keep them highly engaged and productive.


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    A One Time Fee $2499 or $1299P/M

    What people are saying about Steven's coaching

    Steven has an incredibly personal way of tapping into your powerful and strong side that wants to overcome, that dreams and that has no fears for changes. He is able to boost your love for life and will for the life YOU want to live.

    Crisitina Rivera Calderon

    Yoga Coach, CEO

    I got very powerful and true insights about myself by connecting with him. I highly recommend to reach out to him to move on to your next stage and overcome those limitations that may seem to make it so difficult.

    Ron Develda

    Business Coach,Speaker CEO

    Steven is an amazing human being and mentor . No matter where you are or what you do, he is highly qualified and will FOR SURE bring you the guidance and tools you need to change your life .When talking to him, it takes about 5 minutes for him to say something that will change your life forever.

    Carlinhos Ferreira

    Speaker, strategist coach 

    Steven's energy and drive as a speaker are contagious - It was a privilege seeing you do his magic at a recent co-working event! Thanks to Steven, I also believe now that I can be a great and amazing coach.

    Jen Ziegner

    Leadership coach, speaker CEO

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